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About Us

    About us!

    This webpage is owned and operated by Alimentex Pty Ltd. Alimentex Pty Ltd was established by Aron Malcolm, an experienced and reputable Food Safety and Quality Specialist. Aron is a published Food Safety and Quality Expert who has been acknowledged with Australian and International accolades for his participation within the Food Sector.

    A seasoned high-risk food safety auditor and consultant, Aron has visited over 4500 food businesses in over 35 countries during the past 17 years. Because of his extensive background in the food compliance sector, Aron knows exactly what it takes to develop, document, and maintain systems which meet the abundance of Regulatory, Industry and Customer Standards.

    “Too many food businesses that waste their time, effort and budget on advice and resources that don’t genuinely meet their needs. Our resources and services are agile and flexible they can be successfully applied alongside existing food safety programs, or as part of a comprehensive new program. Whether you’re a small mom and dad business, or a large multi-national conglomerate, you will gain substantial savings from using our resources”.

    Aron Malcolm
    Managing Director – Alimentex Pty Ltd

    Using our resources… what’s in it for you?

    1 - 1 -1

    Alimentex is a proponent of the 1-1-1 Philanthropy model, which means that we’ve made the commitment to give at least 1% of our time, 1% of our profit and 1% of our products and services to make a difference in the world around us, both within Australia and Internationally!

    Our current commitments extend to the provision of complimentary Premium Subscriptions to successful Registered Charitable Organisations working in the Food Sector… but we have a large range of additional global philanthropic campaigns in the pipeline that are supported by our Premium Users!


    • Every Premium Subscription facilitates another 8 hours of technical time for our global team of Food Safety and Quality specialists to update content and resources… This means that you’ll benefit from over 2000 hours of updated content and resources for every 250 foodindustrycompliance Premium Subscriptions. Our online Resources were created with 1 Major theme in mind… To save you time!
    • The cost of an annual Premium Subscription could be the equivalent to the daily rate for some Food Industry Consultants, or could be less than sending 1 team member on a HACCP Training Course.

    So what are you waiting for… establish a Premium Subscription today and start benefiting on so many levels!

    What do we do?

    Respected and well established, with a cost effective, practical approach, our team of food safety professionals work with you to achieve your business goals.

    We are:

    • Experienced
    • Professional
    • Reputable
    • Responsive
    • Cost Effective
    • Innovative

    As a leading independent food safety consulting firm, we offer a range of food business consulting, auditing and compliance service to the global Agrifood sector.

    Work with us to create ‘Best Practice’ Food Safety and Quality systems that will REDUCE COST and IMPROVE Food Safety and Quality Compliance outcomes for your food business!

    We call it the SoLFS Method…

    Sometimes a “back to basics” can facilitate amazing transformation to methods that have existed for a long time!

    We have developed a Logical Sequential method for ensuring Food Safety and Quality Programs retain a sense relevance among today’s vast business management systems… We call it the “SoLFS” Method. SoLFS standards for Sequence of Logical Food Systems!

    We’ve defined what we believe to be the most logical manner of facilitating the Development, Formatting and Training of Food Safety and Quality Programs:

    • Development - To define detail, scope and purpose.
    • Documentation - To establish the developed detail in a viewable format to facilitate information.
    • Implementation - To facilitate the application of the documentation.
    • Monitoring - To review, confirm and document evidence of the implementation against documented limits.
    • Corrective Action and Preventative Action - To apply "real time" interventions to documented monitoring limits.
    • Verification - To review and confirm documented monitoring and corrective actions against documented parameters.
    • Validation - To confirm the documented monitoring or procedural limits.
    • Training, Competency and Resources - Skills, knowledge and competency requirements to facilitate development, documentation, implementation, monitoring, corrective action, verification and validation of every Food Safety and Quality System Element.

    You’ll see the SoLFS method used throughout the, including within the MY FOOD STANDARDS and MYFS&Q functionalities. The use of the SoLFS methodology from Development, through to the Formatting and Training of Food Safety and Quality Programs provides a consistent framework that facilitates consistent application and consistent outcomes.


    We give you more!

    Some Food Safety and Quality Consultancies are more interested in making money that providing top notch services to their clients… but not Alimentex!

    One of the things that makes us unique among all other food compliance consultancies is our ongoing commitment to our clients and the Agrifood sector in general. We’ve invested well over ¾ of a million dollars since 2007 developing the world’s premier online food safety and quality resources…

    • Downloadable General Content and Information
    • Customised Food Standards Checklists for Internal Auditing
    • Online Food Safety and Quality Manual Generation
    • The most comprehensive online HACCP Plan Generator
    • Cost Effective Online and Offline Training Resources
    • Unique Competency Sign Off System
    • Online Approved Supplier Management Systems

    Our online resources were created to support food businesses and food industry professionals in achieving and maintaining the stringent requirements of food industry compliance.

    Need some bedtime reading… click on the image to the left to download a complimentary copy of FOOD Hazard Control Solutions: Food Safety Management!